When your beliefs begin to change, you might start to see certain signs. One of the most obvious signs is tone escalation. It is when you realize that you may have downplayed your affirmations, and change them into more positive ones.

Example: Demi did not use to believe that he could resist distractions or retain focus for a long time. In order to change that belief, he wrote the following affirmations:

  • I am able to say no to distractions.
  • I am able to focus on the task at hand for long periods of time.

Five days of daily practice later, he realized that he was downplaying his initial expectations of himself, and wanted to change them to a more positive tone:

  • I am good at saying no to distractions.
  • I am good at focusing on the task at hand for long periods of time.

This is very typical of SRT, and it shows you that you are on the right path. The stronger your belief gets, the higher you move up the positivity scale:

To do To be
I can do ___ I can be ___
I will do ___ I will be ___
I am doing ___ I am ___
I have already done ___ I have always been ___
I will always do ___ I will always be ___

Before we can accept the most positive affirmation, we instinctively start out with a more modest one, in order to minimize cognitive dissonance. Moreover, going over these affirmations in that order is a very good exercise for improving the reflex of transititioning from negative beliefs to positive ones.

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