The concepts we present here are not new. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has a long history of research and development, focusing on breaking out of negative belief patterns through affecting thinking and behavior (hence the name Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy).

A feature of human nature is that it is much easier to influence thought, than to influence behavior. Information-theoretically speaking, a verbal proposition is less dense than a behavior. Compare a tweet, which takes only a few hundred bytes, to a movie, which takes a couple of gigabytes. Therefore, it is much easier to leverage verbal propositions, than to teach a person how to behave in a certain way. SRT accepts this fact and uses it pragmatically.

We would have called our technique Cognitive Therapy following the convention, but we do not like obscure terms. “Self Repetition Therapy” is both descriptive and easy to understand. It also has the following advantages:

  • It requires very little effort from the individual—only a little bit of introspection.
  • Guidance by a mentor is useful, but is not absolutely necessary. Self-administration can be achieved just by following the instructions on this website.
  • It is free.

So, SRT is a barebones version of CBT which only focuses on changing beliefs.

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